conceptual art

The strongly conceptual concipated works which are mentioned here have either a relation to improvistaion or are re-compositions or de-constructions of existing pieces.

Cover Versions (since 2006)
Improvisation models after well-known record covers. Usually a graphic translation or a reference to the original title.

among others:

Unit Structures (Cecil Taylor)
one version
can be found on the CD
Rich in Knuckles - Light In Dark Corners

In 'n out
(Joe Henderson)
unitstructures in_n_out

Zeitgemäße Bearbeitungen bekannter Werke
[Well-known Pieces up-to-date]

oigabA (2008) after Franz Schubert


Aria (1998) after J. S. Bach


Eislerquartett (2004) after Joseph Haydn and Hanns Eisler

for string quartet

The second movement from Joseph Haydn's "emperor's quartet" is re-composed in such way, that not "Gott erhalte Franz den Kaiser" is varied, but "Auferstanden aus Ruinen" by Hanns Eisler, that means not the present national anthem of the Federal Republic of Germany, but the one of the former German Democratic Republic.


Parts (pdf-files) can be ordered for free from me.

Echokanon (2005) after Orlando di Lasso

for one instrument and live-electronic

Deconstructing M. (2006) on the occasion of W. A. Mozart's 250th bithday
for four instruments

One of the best-known pieces by Mozart is deconstructed that way, only one parameter is given in each case (dynamic, pitch, rhythm or harmony). The remaining parameters are improvised.

deconstr_rhy deconstructingM_rhy
deconstrM_harm deconstrM_harm